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Payrolling Services

Client-identified contractors can be quickly and safely onboarded through Clover’s Professional Payrolling Services. Clover can either:

  • Employ these individuals as an employee of Clover Global Solutions (W-2)
  • Subcontract independent contractors (1099)
  • Subcontract corp-to-corp entities (Independent Consultants)
  • (IRS and State requirements must be met to ensure proper classification.)

In either case, Clover can onboard an individual the same day as the order is submitted. Subject to all employment and subcontracting contingent on background screens, drug testing, Clover classification survey, and any other Client requirements.

W-2 Employee

Comprehensive Benefits Packages includes Medical, Dental, Vision, and 401(k)

1099 Employee

Subcontract independent contractors or corp-to-corp entities

Same Day Onboarding

All applicants subject to background screens, drug testing, Clover classification survey

Recruitment Services

Clover Agency Recruitment Services

Clover’s best-of-breed Agency Services allow access to a network of 160,000 applicants! 1,200 most-placeable candidates, and 350 active contractors who are sourced and submitted for a Client’s review and acceptance. With over 6,500 contractor engagements and spanning over 20 years of experience, Clover’s Agency services quickly identify and secure the industry’s vital knowledgeable workforce.

  • Retain total control over the length and breadth of the contingent relationship while attracting and retaining the industry’s top personnel.
  • Highly respected and qualified Clover candidates referred and sourced through the Clover network ensure legitimacy to a contractor’s abilities and experience spanning beyond the written accolades often hyped on CV’s and Resumes.
  • Real-time visibility to applicant and candidate data are always available, with Client visibility to the vetting process.
  • No time is wasted due to the knowledge and skills of Clover Resource Recruiters who assure Client requirements are clearly defined and comprehended.




Most Placeable Candidates




Contractor Agreements


Years Experience

1099 Compliance & Risk Management

Service Highlight: Clover understands that staying current with the latest regulations and case law governing the use of Contractors is a challenge. Compliance issues can become critical through an IRS audit, Labor Department audit or worker lawsuit. The misclassification of employees as Contractors exposes your company to significant financial risk including back taxes, penalties, and legal fees to defend compliance. Clover provides Independent Contractor Compliance Testing, as part of a complete risk and cost management solution.

Client Benefits: Determine which Contractor is a Risk: Clover’s Compliance Testing includes surveying both the Contractor and his or her Supervisor. This is done by using standard IRS control questions and additional questions designed to determine each worker's true employment status. Clover evaluates the responses and provides you with a Compliance Scorecard that recommends whether each Contractor should be classified as a 1099 Independent Contractor or a W-2 employee.

deepwater drilling engineer

Salary Benchmarking


Service Highlight: Too often organizations fail to measure the most important factor in a contingent worker relationship. As a subject matter expert in current market conditions, Clover’s Salary Benchmarking help both the contractor and the Client in making sure compensation is fair and reasonable. Clover’s recommendations have always been the surest way to control contractor spend and model current contractor base rates. This helps you save money, and ensures your workers are compensated fairly.

Client Benefits: Visibility to industry and role specific data. Non-biased viewpoints and consultation included as a service to Clients Receive primary data for planning and modeling future use of contractors.

Expat & Secondee Mobilization

Within our mobilization services, our concierge approach has placed clients at ease, as we take responsibility for everything. From visas & work permits to travel accommodations & setting up the Secondees’ local bank account – we manage all those time-consuming details.

For the workers, we offer international insurance options, travel management, explicit instructions and orientation to their new residence, transportation (even to & from the airport!), living accommodations, and of course, methods for payment. Clover is committed to making Expat and Secondee experiences as comfortable and smooth as possible!

Meanwhile, clients benefit from these arrangements by saving time and minimizing their burden to one service provider – Clover! We are able to mobilize from any of our listed locations!

Drilling Staffing Agency

Retiree Re-engagement

drilling engineer

Recent industry retirees and annuitants remain a hotbed of qualified and proven professionals to meet modern day project needs. Clover has a unique sensitivity surrounding recently retired professionals asking the question, “now what?”.

As a soft landing for this prized talent pool, Clover is the industry’s alumni club for the world’s largest oil and gas companies and the preferred employer ensuring a safe harbor. The client benefits from competitor’s talent and high-grade current project staff. Utilize knowledge base for experience transfer and consultation. Stay connected with incumbent retirees who are looking for the right opportunity to re-engage.

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