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Minimizing Operational Risk through Information Technology

As oil and gas projects increase in complexity, it becomes more difficult for companies to manage them.  This can introduce the risk of noncompliance with regulations, going over budget, or worst of all, causing an accident.  Information technology (IT) can be used to help manage projects better, as well as make strategic decisions such as…

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The Niobrara Shale Play – the next Bakken?

The Niobrara shale formation extends across northeastern Colorado, northwestern Kansas, southwestern Nebraska and southeastern Wyoming.  The play ranges in thickness from 275-400 feet deep, with three primary carbonate-rich benches that average 10-25 feet thick with 5-10% porosity.

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Eagle Ford Shale – A Key Driver in the South Texas Economy

Discovered in 2008, the Eagle Ford Shale play is one of the largest discoveries of new oil reserves in the United States since Prudhoe Bay, Alaska in 1968, and extends over 23 South Texas counties. Its southern edge begins at Laredo and trends northeast toward Austin producing natural gas. The northern edge, a formation 50…

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