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Cline Shale Play rivals Bakken and Eagle Ford Combined

The Cline shale play in West Texas’ Midland Basin is an abundant sedimentary rock formation of Pennsylvanian-aged shale (325-286 million years old).  The play is found 9,000-9,500 feet underground and spans 140 miles north-to-south and 70 miles east-to-west.  Fisher and Nolan counties have been the focal points, with recent increased leasing activity in Tom Green…

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Ultra-Deepwater Drilling on the Rise

By Chris Sutton – Partner, Clover Global Solutions, LP According to the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM), “ultra-deepwater” generally refers to drilling at depths of 5,000 feet and beyond.  As new technology is allowing for drilling at greater depths, the worldwide supply of ultra-deepwater rigs is on the rise.  According to offshore deepwater drilling…

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Shale Plays Transforming US Onshore Rig Fleet

Six or seven years ago, only 10% of oil rigs in the United States were used to drill horizontal wellbores.  Now, more than 60% of oil and gas projects require horizontal drilling.  Why?  The U.S. oil and gas industry is trending towards shale and other unconventional resources – and wells reaching these resources are drilled…

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The 2012-2017 OCS Leasing Program

The Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act (OCSLA) requires the Secretary of the Interior to develop a program every five years that grants mineral leases and regulates oil and natural gas activities.  The OCSLA allows the Secretary to grant leases to the highest bidder, and allows the Secretary to formulate regulations for the areas.

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Bakken Shale Play – A Key Driver in the North Dakota Economy

Although North Dakota began producing oil in 1951, the state’s shale boom began in 2007 after the discovery of the Bakken Shale Play.  The shale formation extends over parts of North Dakota, Montana, and Saskatchewan, Canada – and there is an estimated 24.3 billion barrels of recoverable oil in the U.S. portion of the Bakken…

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Exploration & Production in Sensitive Environments

A growing percentage of the nation’s untapped oil and gas resources are located in sensitive environments, such as the Arctic, wetlands, coastal areas, and the outer continental shelf.  Over the past four decades, the oil and gas industry has been developing new technologies and approaches for operating in these environments without harming them.  For example,…

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