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The Top 10 Opportunities for Oil and Gas Companies in 2012

Successful oil and gas companies are focusing on ten opportunities within four core areas of growth: Customer Reach –  the ability to increase market share Operational agility – the ability to respond to change Cost competitiveness – the ability to achieve capital efficiency Stakeholder confidence – the ability to secure resources to meet objectives

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1099 Compliance – Minimizing Risk through Management

Independent contractors (IC) are non-employee workers hired to perform a set task or a series of tasks. The independent contractor is considered to be self-employed, responsible for having proper insurance, paying taxes and paying workers or themselves.  Based on their IRS classification, independent contractors are also known as 1099 workers. In the oil and gas…

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Consultant Partner Programs – A Competitive Advantage for Oil & Gas Projects

The worldwide energy industry is experiencing explosive growth, but small projects ($500K-$4MM) are often ignored. For the super-majors this can create a significant backlog.  For mid-majors, pioneering independents, engineering and construction firms, and oilfield service companies, these projects can be a key enabler for the growth of their company. The challenge with so many projects…

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About Clover Global Solutions

Clover Global Solutions, LP provides Oil & Gas companies flexible and cost effective solutions fulfilling today’s need for contingent human capital. Client-identified contractors can be safely and rapidly deployed, retirees and annuitants can be re-engaged, open positions can be sourced and filled even on the most aggressive timeframes, and global Oil & Gas projects reap…

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