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Safety: The Core of Who We Are {Infographic}

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To celebrate receiving the Chevron Phillips Large Contractor Safety Award for 2015 & 2016, we are excited to share and highlight one of our favorite benefits for our client – Clover’s commitment to safety! There are many obvious reasons for why a company should value safety. To save our breath and your reading time; here…

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New Employee? Time To Enroll In Our Training Program!

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To ensure safe onboarding, our Human Resources department created a convenient tool to save time for our clients, while also ensuring employees are certified in their Skills/Knowledge (SK) & Training/Qualifications (TQ). At Clover University, we offer training to all our employees, depending on their job requirements.  Every new hire is evaluated by the HSE compliance…

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Clover–Anotech Announces Its Baytown Branch!

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We’re excited to announce our expansion into the Baytown area! Over the past 20 years, we have consistently delivered top skill sets and workforce solutions to super-major clients who dominate this region with their petrochemical and chemical facilities. Clover is proud to announce that the staff augmentation required by the large investments on LNG facilities, petrochemical…

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Plant Turnarounds: Volatile, Challenging & Inevitable

Chris Sutton – Partner, Clover Global Solutions, LP Plant turnarounds make up the single largest identifiable maintenance expense, and controlling their costs and duration is quite the challenge. Turnarounds are scheduled periods of non-production within an industrial plant (refinery, petrochemical, power plant, and pulp and paper mills). Daily operations stop during the duration of a…

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Reversal of Fortune: Converting the Golden Pass LNG Terminal

Chris Sutton – Partner, Clover Global Solutions, LP On the banks of the Sabine-Neches Waterway outside the small town of Sabine Pass, TX, is a monument of sorts to the vast and rapid changes that are part and parcel of today’s natural gas sector. But it’s not a statue, museum, or culturally significant structure. It’s the…

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A Solution to Fracking’s Water Problems?

Chris Sutton – Partner, Clover Global Solutions, LP Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking has helped spark U.S. oil and gas output in the past five years, but the practice also uses massive amounts of fresh water.  Millions of gallons of water are needed to frack just one well.  A lack of water can easily hinder fracking,…

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The Rise of Women in the Oil & Gas Industry

Amal Abdallah – Social Media & Marketing Coordinator, Clover Global Solutions, LP One thing can be said about the career-oriented woman; no longer is there a typical job or a ‘suggested’ career path for the young female professional. Long gone are the days of basic office roles and run-in-the-mill positions for the driven woman. This fact…

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Competence Assurance Gaining Momentum in O&G Industry

Chris Sutton – Partner, Clover Global Solutions, LP An increasing number of companies in the oil and gas industry are looking to the Competence Assurance process to help them achieve some of their most fundamental goals: protecting their employees, promoting safety and ensuring quality. Competence Assurance is a very structured practice that allows companies to…

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Facing the Future: Challenges Ahead for the Oil & Gas Industry

Chris Sutton – Partner, Clover Global Solutions, LP Our industry has come a long way since oil was first discovered in Texas. Although there are numerous opinions about what the future holds for the Oil & Gas Industry, there is one very irrefutable fact that affects not only our industry, but the world as a…

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