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Environmental Protection

Safety: The Core of Who We Are {Infographic}

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To celebrate receiving the Chevron Phillips Large Contractor Safety Award for 2015 & 2016, we are excited to share and highlight one of our favorite benefits for our client – Clover’s commitment to safety! There are many obvious reasons for why a company should value safety. To save our breath and your reading time; here…

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New Employee? Time To Enroll In Our Training Program!

Drilling Staffing Agency

To ensure safe onboarding, our Human Resources department created a convenient tool to save time for our clients, while also ensuring employees are certified in their Skills/Knowledge (SK) & Training/Qualifications (TQ). At Clover University, we offer training to all our employees, depending on their job requirements.  Every new hire is evaluated by the HSE compliance…

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The Keystone XL Pipeline Project: Opportunity and Challenges

The Keystone XL Pipeline is a pipeline system running from the Athabasca oil sands region in Alberta, Canada to the United States, including locations in Illinois, Oklahoma, and the Gulf Coast.  The purpose of the pipeline is to transport crude oil from Canada to markets in the United States.  TransCanada, a Canadian pipeline company, owns…

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The Oil and Gas Industry: Operating in Sensitive Environments

Download Report This report from IPIECA summarizes a series of short case studies describing some of the Oil and Gas industry’s experiences operating responsibly in sensitive human and physical environments. The case studies cover company experiences across the full range of oil and gas industry activities, including operations near conservation sites, operations near sites of…

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