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Job Seekers: Job Hunting & Benefits of Using an Agency

Job hunting can be a full time job in itself; considering the diligence and time you spend preparing, interviewing, applying and interacting with potential employers. The effort to find the perfect position may even involve some assistance from a trusted partner like Clover Global Solutions, LP!  Given the wide spread use and services offered by the staffing industry, we put together a concise list of benefits and tips for partnering with Clover.

So why use us, when you can talk to the employer directly? 

Salary Benchmarking

Part of our job is to understand what an employer is willing to spend on various job opportunities. As such, we’re able to provide you with real-time knowledge of what the market is paying. This insight allows us to help alleviate your concerns of getting paid what you deserve.

Employer Buy In

As your trusted partner, we present your qualifications from the best perspective in the house! Clover has the trusted relationship with the employer and as such, we make sure that we have properly vetted you for the job. Any concerns about not having authentic experience are no longer a concern. Our history with your potential employers has allowed us to quickly pick up their business language and better translate your experience into what they are looking for. So, make use of our credibility, given our reputation and history for placing top talent.


The fact of the matter is that a significant number of open positions are not posted publicly. Companies save time and effort for their staffing needs, by trusting partners like Clover to manage their staffing demands. We have real-time access to unique positions that we share and recruit for. Our network of employers spans over 20 years! These kinds of relationships bring you abundant opportunity and contacts for work that you may not have found on your own.

Free Service to Job Seekers

Job seekers pay nothing to us for help landing a job. However, there is a lot of collaboration that goes into working with our candidates. We do the upfront work of submitting your information and preliminary conversations with the employer. We make sure that before you get too far into the application process, you are properly suited for the position. Along with going through an application process with you, we offer interview & resume writing tips, as well as other highly regarded resources to help you better present yourself to the employer. When it comes down to it, we do the vetting and you play to your strengths – allowing us  to tag team the effort of finding the perfect role.

How can you make the most of using Clover’s trusted brand? Here are our tips:

Candidates need to be involved in the recruiting process! While a part of that means understanding the job you want, the other part is explaining up front what your personal needs are. If you will not work a specific job type, prefer a specific area, or have a salary requirement, then that needs to be a part of your initial communications with us.

Be transparent with us. It’s always a good idea to keep us in the loop with your job hunting progress. We understand it’s a fast-paced environment and you need to keep your options open. Telling us that you may have another opportunity will not discourage our work with you. Rather, it may give us the proper leverage to make your application process move quicker with our clients.

When you’re working with us, make the most of our free services! We know exactly what the employer is looking for and our only intent is to frame your experience in a way that makes sense to them. When we ask you to revise your resume or to review information, take advantage of our free preparation services and resources!

Here’s what our Lead Recruiter, Diganti Bhatt, appreciates most about working with candidates.

“I encourage candidates to follow up with me within 2 weeks of applying, if they haven’t heard back. I also think highly of individuals who know which job they want. It saves the candidate and the employers a lot of time when they have already submitted their resume and can identify which of our open positions they are interested in. When you reach out to me, have your specific questions in place and be ready to discuss your skills and your preferences for the role(s) you might be targeting.  Together, we can take it from there.”

Diganti has been recruiting for Clover for over 4 years. She is highly skilled in Talent Acquisition and is one of our most valued market experts.

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