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About Us

Clover Global Solutions, LP provides Oil & Gas companies flexible and cost effective solutions fulfilling today’s need for contingent human capital. Client-identified contractors can be safely and rapidly deployed, retirees and annuitants can be re-engaged, open positions can be sourced and filled even on the most aggressive timeframes, and global Oil & Gas projects reap the benefits of 20 years of Contingent Workforce experience by the most trusted and flexible name in staffing today.

Clover clients enjoy the following benefits:

  • Client-identified contractors are quickly onboarded through Clover’s Payrolling Services.
  • Vacancies are filled with Clover’s Staffing and Agency Services.
  • Contractor Management Services allow project teams to focus on core competencies by handing off vendor management responsibility to Clover as a managing agency.
  • Contractor wages are validated and best managed through Clover Salary Benchmarking.
  • Retirees and annuitants can be safely re-engaged through Clovers Re-engagement Services.
  • Global Mobilization supports your entire contractor workforce with SOS, logistics and immigration services.

Our growing reputation attracts the most highly-regarded industry talent who are actively seeking global opportunities and new challenges. Connecting both client and candidate is where Clover’s technologies are changing how projects are staffed and managed.

Clover One World provides Clients with instant access to Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) utilizing web-based technologies and simple-to-use interfaces. C1W’s robust functionality allows hiring managers to search and select individual candidates or assemble entire project teams, then generate market-based cost estimates for the selected personnel based on specific project needs.

Consultants are obtaining the highest level of visibility and consideration for current projects and assignments by self-managing in C1W client-searchable profiles and resumes. By completing an assessment of your skills and experience, compensation needs and work preferences you can begin to showcase your abilities in a few short steps.



  1. Alex Clough on April 10, 2012 at 10:07 am

    Just wanted to comment on your website: All the information I have read is invaluable to anyone who wants to understand the current oilfield condition and perhaps it’s future based on intelligent thought process and existing facts. It’s a breath of fresh air to read some unbiased projections and theories! Also interesting to understand the perspective on both the client and the candidate!
    Look forward to future reading! Well done!
    Alex Clough

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